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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  Aluminum tubes, Judith Miller, and the White House Iraq Group's successful creation of a media echo chamber (& a war that has killed 1,825 Americans)
I don't want to give you long excerpts to excuse you from reading this whole article by James Moore from The Huffington Post, "Judy and the Little Tubes of Terror", but I can't resist giving you a couple of paragraphs as an appetizer.
The timing was a thing of pure political beauty. President George W. Bush was only a few days away from speaking to the United Nations’ General Assembly about Iraq’s renewed efforts to acquire banned weaponry. And, in a month, the president was going to Congress to seek a resolution approving of a war against Iraq. A Sunday morning story, September 8, 2002, in the New York Times made the U.N. speech and the congressional debate much easier for the White House.
Under the headline, “Threats and Responses: The Iraqis; U.S. Says Hussein Intensifies Quest for A-Bomb Parts,” a 3603 word story by Michael R. Gordon and Judith Miller detailed the administration’s case against Saddam Hussein related to weapons of mass destruction. America was about to be scared. Citing “administration officials,” “Iraqi defectors,” and “intelligence sources,” Gordon and Miller wrote that Iraq had attempted to buy the type of aluminum tubes needed for the construction of a gas centrifuge to develop nuclear materials.
To create the beginnings of war hysteria and nuclear phobia, the White House Iraq Group had planned to immediately execute a tactic that created a media echo chamber. The same Sunday morning that the tubes story was splattered on the front page of the Times, the Bush administration dispatched the vice president, the national security advisor, and the secretary of state, to elevate the buzz on the network talk shows. A false story had been planted, was given credibility by a leading publication, and then the people who benefited from the one-sided information appeared on national television to corroborate the value of their bad evidence. [...]
Please read it all! I'm also adding this article as a reference to the sidebar of Whiggate Update because it's such a great summary of how this Group operated.

But why hasn't Judith Miller's Liberal Paper of Record, as an atonement for its indispensible role as a dupe or an accomplice in the actions of the White House Iraq Group's echo chamber, yet mentioned the White House Iraq Group or WHIG even once? Does the lack of a single hit on their Website of Record mean that the White House Iraq Group never really existed? Doesn't it deserve at least a few drops of ink after all the WHIG lies about aluminum tubes that the Grey Lady was duped into printing? We'll keep checking, and we'll update you the minute they finally break their silence about their former employers.

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